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                About Us

                ST Paper & Tissue are minority owned tissue mills located in Oconto Falls, WI, and Isle of Wight, VA, respectively, that produce bath tissue, paper towels and napkins for the Away From Home market.

                ST Paper & Tissue provides the industry with a quality source for commercial grade paper and offer their customers exceptional transparency, customer service, flexibility, and guaranteed deliveries. Our goal is to help our customers leverage our capabilities to enhance their brands and businesses.

                ST Paper & Tissue are at the forefront of the industry in our commitment to being a responsible steward for the environment and surrounding communities and have obtained a series of environmental certifications. Both facilities produce their own 100% recycled fiber and have the capability to manufacture a product with very high post consumer fiber content.

                In addition, ST Paper & Tissue actively contribute to a wide variety of environmental and community causes to help take care of the world in which we all share.